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Existing National Heritage Areas
Complete Listing - June 1997

(Dates in parentheses are year established by Congress)
The list below is in addition to Federal Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Rivers, National Recreation Areas.

1. Blackstone National Heritage Corridor (Massachusetts and Rhode Island - 1986, doubles in size 1996)

2. Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor (Illinois - 1984)

3. Delaware and Lehigh Navigation Canal Heritage Corridor (Pennsylvania)

4. Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission (America's Industrial Heritage Project - 1988, boundaries not designated)

5. Cane River National Heritage Area (Louisiana - 1995)

6. Quinebaug and Shetucket River Valley Heritage Corridor (Connecticut - 1995)

7. Cache La Poudre National Heritage Areas (Colorado - enacted separately by Public Law 104-323, 1996) (location-100 year boundary on Federal Flood Insurance Maps)

8. Essex National Heritage Area (Massachusetts - included in omnibus National Parks bill, 1996, as were Areas below)

9. Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor (Ohio - 1996)

10. Augusta Canal National Heritage Corridor (Georgia - 1996)

11. Steel Industry National Heritage Area (Southwestern Pennsylvania - 1996)

12. South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (South Carolina - 1996)

13. Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area (Tennessee - 1996)

14. National Coal Heritage Area (West Virginia - 1996)

15. Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (New York - 1996)

16. America's Agricultural Heritage Partnership (Iowa - 1996)

Numerous other areas are State-designated or are ongoing projects of states and localities in conjunction with preservation agencies such as the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Coalition of Heritage Areas.

National Heritage Areas Now Under Federal Study

1. Mississippi River Corridor Study (2,400 miles, 10 states, enacted 1989, continuing)*
(Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana)

2. Lower Mississippi Delta Region Heritage Area Study (included in California Desert Protection Act of 1994)

3. Expansion of Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Area (1996)

* For updates on Mississippi River Corridor Study Commission, contact Marilyn Hayman of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin (715) 448-3213.

The Coincidence of Similar Names:
U.S. National Park Service Designation: American or National Heritage Site
UNESCO/US Dept. State (UN Treaty) Designation: World Heritage Site
President's Council on Environmental Quality: American Heritage Rivers

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