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News Brief - Fall 2000:

New York City Acquires More Catskill Watershed Lands

As the summer of 2000 came to a close, New York City had bought or completed arrangements to acquire more than 25,000 acres in the Catskill Watershed, and has acquired 529 acres in the Croton watershed, according to Graham Cox, writing in the Fall 2000 issue of New York State Audubon Advocate. Before the Watershed Agreement was signed in 1997, the City owned 45,000 acres of dry land around its reservoirs, according to Cox. Adding the 40,000 acres covered by its reservoirs and controlled lakes, the City owns about seven percent of the land in the watersheds supplying the City, he stated. The City has increased its watershed land holdings by more than 50 percent since 1997, he pointed out.

Cox's report shows that City's acquisitions are just beginning, considering that the Watershed Agreement among the City, state and local towns envisioned that the City would acquire an additional 355,000 acres of land in the Catskill and East-of-Hudson watersheds.

(Fall 2000)

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