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Proceedings of Fifth Annual New York Conference on
Private Property Rights Published

Strengthening the grassroots private property rights movement is the theme captured in the Proceedings of an electric gathering of property rights activists held just outside the New York State Capitol. The Proceedings of the Fifth Annual New York Conference on Private Rights captures the addresses of expert speakers from New York to Alaska drawing from their personal experiences to hone the conferees' understanding of how to "Organize for Success."

The keynote address by Reginald G. Jones about "Freedom-The Way Up From Racism and Poverty" uses humor and irony to relate anecdotes from black American history and his own life growing up in the South Bronx. He tells first-hand stories from the early days of Rap music, which led musicians from local neighborhoods to national success.

Organizing advice from top leaders in the Proceedings includes:

The rousing opening address "Joining Forces and Reaching Out" by J. Zane Walley, the nationwide property rights organizer and editor of The Paragon Powerhouse, Lincoln, N.M.;
"Sustaining a Local Property Rights Group" by Barry Klein, president of the Houston Property Rights Association, keeping zoning out of Houston;
"Reaching Your Representative" by Jeff Williams, who heads Governmental Relations for the New York Farm Bureau;
"The Power of Information" by New Jersey author Bruce G. Siminoff;
"Fund-Raising-The Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy" by Kevin Gentry, vice president of the Mercatus Center, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia;
"The Web-Unlimited Outreach," revealing how Ray Kreig, a professional engineer and geologist, and Lee Ann Gerhart, CPA, Anchorage, Alaska, battled CARA effectively;
"Keys to a Successful Newsletter," the humorous and profound speech by Adrian R. Tiemann, Ph.D., president of Homeowners Against Rent Kontrols (HARK), Schenectady, N.Y.;
"Media Success" by Michael Hardiman, Hardiman Consulting, Washington, DC; and
"Reaching the World through Local Television and Web TV" by Gary Edwards, owner of Edwards Production Television in Massena, N.Y.
The Proceedings include important insights on "Quality Organizing" by panel chair Walter H. Olsen, Sr., president of the litigating group of Long Island Pine Barrens owners, Civil Property Rights Associates, Inc., and "Communicating Your Cause" by panel chair Thomas A. Miller, the co-founder of Allegany Citizens Rights Committee, Allegany, New York.
University of Maryland Prof. Robert H. Nelson's closing address, "Burning Issues-The Dangers of Government Forest Management," is illustrative of the immense influence of his timely book, A Burning Issue.

The Proceedings, A Wake-Up Call-Organizing for Success, Edited by Carol W. LaGrasse (58 pp., 8-1/2x11, $10.50 plus $2.00 p&h) can be ordered from the Property Rights Foundation of America (518) 696-5748, P.O. Box 75, Stony Creek, NY 12878. See Publications Order Form.

Tapes available. All of the speeches for the entire Fifth Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights are available on audio-cassette from ACTS, Inc., toll free 1-800-642-2287.
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