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Urgent Action Memo:

To: Property Rights Foundation Key New York Leaders
From: Carol W. LaGrasse, President
Subject: Support for Assemblyman Robert G. Prentiss's Wetlands Bills (A. 9276-79)
Date: March 3, 2000

Telephone Calls to Legislature
Needed Immediately in Support of the Four Prentiss Bills

· Compensation to owners of New York State regulatory wetlands,
· Funding of the right to appeal wetlands designations,
· Tax abatement to landowners,
· Separate wetlands assessment and expedited appeal of wetlands assessments, and
· Reimbursement to local municipalities of lost tax revenues due to regulatory wetlands.

Today the Schenectady Gazette had an excellent editorial,
"Compensate wetland owners," which stated:

"What the state needs to do, at least to a certain degree, is compensate landowners who will be hurt by the new wetlands designation.
"A series of bills sponsored by Assemblyman Bob Prentiss (R-Colonie) would accomplish this.
"...The sooner the state settles on a fair formula for compensating these people, the better."

We are gaining support! This is a turnabout for the Gazette, which last summer referred to the campaign for wetlands compensation as jousting at windmills.

This winter, the New York Farm Bureau has come out in support of Assemblyman Prentiss's bills!

DEC's wetlands re-mapping will affect the entire state. Members of the Assembly from beyond Saratoga County (where the DEC's re-mapping of wetlands on 4,200 parcels has raised an enormous controversy) are now coming aboard as co-sponsors.

Wherever you live in New York State, this is the time to TELEPHONE your members of the Assembly and Senate asking them to co-sponsor the Prentiss bills! Please call the Albany office, or else the local office, and, if at all possible, also VISIT the local office. PLEASE ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO ALSO CALL RIGHT AWAY.

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