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Rural Illinois County De-Designates Scenic Byway

Great River Road Scenic Byway loses Monroe County

Carol W. LaGrasse
July 2001

The Board of Commissioners in Monroe County, Illinois, passed a resolution on July 23, 2001 to withdraw from the Great River Road Scenic Byway designation.

In passing the resolution for "Great River Road Scenic Byway De-Designation," the commissioners stated that the "organized effort, questionable allegations, and the fear of property rights infringement have presented considerable opposition."

They pointed out that "an advisory referendum was held and that a majority of voters were in favor of de-designation." Furthermore, they pointed out, a public hearing was held and "a preponderance of comments were to proceed with de-designation."

Demonstrating the power of effective citizen activism, they pointed out in the resolution that "the proponents to the de-designation are organized and have shown to be resolute in their beliefs with every indication being that there will be no agreeable solution short of the County's withdrawal from the byway program."

Although the commissioners stated that they "believe that designation could be and would be a valuable economic development tool with a tremendous benefit to the tourism industry," they directed the county engineer to advise the Illinois Department of Transportation of the County's intent not to implement the Byway Corridor Management Plan and request that the de-designation process commence immediately.

The Monroe County de-designation rescinded the inclusion of the rural sections of Illinois State Route 3 and the Maeystown Road in the Scenic Byway.


Full Resolution - Great River Road Scenic Byway De-Designation

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