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by Peter J. LaGrasse
Chairman, Stony Creek Board of Assessoprs

DEC Meeting
Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
Thurman Town Hall
March 8, 2002

Hi. I'm Peter LaGrasse. I'm from Stony Creek. I'm the Chairman of the Board of Assessors. I'm the Captain of the Stony Creek Emergency Squad.

Harrisburg Road goes to Moosewood Lodge and beyond to Baker's clearing. This road should be cleared through to Wells. An access road should go from Harrisburg Road to Wilcox Lake. And the topographical features, and I was noting on the map there it is dotted in as a trail going to West Stony Creek. All of these should be developed, accessible to pickup truck and, I would go further, that they would readily be available to emergency use vehicles, ambulances.

You are having people coming to an area and they're going to get hurt. And you're putting an extreme burden on the local services to extricate these individuals, when they get hurt, when they crash into a tree, when they're mountain biking, or whatever else they're doing. And so I'm suggesting that there be an effective network of roads, and possibly others, and that all of them be pickup truck or ambulance accessible.

And that, beyond that, that many of these could be used by the aging population in this area to access the area for recreational purposes. Many people do not have ATVs. They would prefer to go in and go fishing from their pickup truck and there's no reason why that could not be incorporated in the plan. I hear no mention of that.

So, I would say that we are dealing here with an opportunity, because this area has long been earmarked for development to relieve the pressure on the more environmentally sensitive areas of the Adirondacks, the High Peaks areas.

This can happen, but you have to make it happen and you can do it by doing things that people do, having ATV trails, because they use them, and all the other uses that have been mentioned. There seems to be a one-sided approach to this and that's unfortunate. Thank you.


Transcript prepared by Carol W. LaGrasse, February 12, 2007, from DEC tape of meeting.

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