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Rural New York

The Windham Journal Jan. 3, 2002
(Reprinted by permission of Evelyn M. Rikard)

To the Editor:

Did you know Governor Pataki wants to buy more state land for open space? Where is the money coming from? Why do we need space that is more open? This will mean more trees and brush will grow and use more water.

Where is the common sense in this?

We used to have a lot of open space. It was called farms. The meadows were open to grow food for the stock in winter and the pastures were open for the cattle to graze in the summer. There used to be ninety farms in the Roxbury Township, now there are four. Isn't it amazing what has happened to rural New York in the last few years?

We now have another threat to rural NY. This is from New York City (known as DEP). Governor Pataki had closed meetings with a few people (some who have come into high paying jobs) along with DEP and now we are being regulated beyond reason. I know of one business they have closed and another family that will be fined so much if they do not do what they are told. The fine is so heavy it would be impossible to meet.

DEP claims they have these regulations to stop pollution. Why don't they clean up their own backyard? If they need money for a filtration plant why don't they use meters in the city so people can pay for the water they use? I bet there would be a lot less waste. That is what rural towns do, why not New York City?

I think it's about time our elected officials started paying attention to rural New York instead of everything being done for the city. I would love to have you visit and see what is happening instead of listening to people who don't live here. I will meet with you, show you around, and let you visit with the people being affected by this. Just let me know when you can come and I will take you on a tour.

Evelyn M. Rikard

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