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From: Carol W. LaGrasse
To: John Smith (fictitious name)
Subject: Re: Allodial Land Titles…
Date: November 18, 2003

Dear Mr.Smith

Some people are selling an idea to others that makes little sense. It has been going around the country for a number of years. If you have good title to your property, it is already filed at the County Clerk's office at the County Seat in whichever county the property is located.

In the United States, title is allodial, fee simple, and, in the Northeast (I cannot speak for title history all over the U.S.), land title is descended from original patents, such at the "Dartmouth Patent, Great Tract" deeded by King George III to the patrons in the area of New York State where my family owns our land. We have perfectly good, allodial title, and no further filing of our deed is necessary.

In fact, if we went to file our deed, hopefully, the County Clerk would tell us we were daft, and not allow the redundant filing of the exact same property.

People will sell you forms for filing your title anew, but, in my opinion, this is a scam, and these people are preying on people who, like you and me, are frustrated and angry about zoning and land taxes, and would like to do something about it.

However, there is no easy way out—by just filing a deed in the county seat. What property owners must do is get up in arms, organize, and elect better people to office, defeat local zoning, defeat statewide growth management and the like, vote out greedy school boards, vote out state legislators who impose expensive mandates, and more. Each person, working consistently, will make a difference.

Carol LaGrasse


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From: John Smith
Sent: November 17, 2003
Subject: Allodial Land Titles…


Please assist us at locating some definitive work, with explicit directions, for redeeming our land from the County and getting the true title, Fee Absolute, perfecting the Allodial Land Patient… or however you say it… the intent is the same… we want to OWN our land again, free and clear of state encumbrances, as it was the founding father's design…for us to do so…

If we could just find our the correct paperwork and procedures, then we could assist others who want to opt out of the present feudal system of the County holding the land as a fiduciary for each private party… which private party thinks that he/she owns the land…

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated, in this matter… Cordially, John Smith



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