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Contributing Writers Serve PRFA
A grant from The JM Foundation has helped PRFA expand its web site and begin engaging students and other young contributing writers for articles in the Clearinghouse and on the web site. Wesley Sholtes, a student, authored "Earth Liberation Front Terrorizes Pennsylvania Property Owners" for the spring Clearinghouse and "The Proposed Chicago Biosphere Reserve," which was published as a "Property Rights Brief." Both articles were also published on the web site. Peyton Knight wrote the story of how the State of Washington blocked landowner Jim Starr's agricultural use of his property because of wetlands being maintained by government neglect. Continuing the tradition of excellent voluntary articles published by PRFA, Jim Starr composed "The Corps of Engineers' Columbia River Estuary Fiasco" for the web site, and provided photographs showing the shipping and estuarine characteristics related to the irony of the Corps' dredging spoils disposal, which provides the site for the Caspian tern to feast on juvenile salmon.

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