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Friday, June 20, 2003 3:04 PM
help for hunting club


I'm president of the East River Rod and Gun Club located in Tahawus. We lease 3800 acres from Finch Pruyn and are desperately in need of members to meet our lease payment agreement by Sept. 30. I thought you might be able to help by checking with your contacts about sportsman's show schedules for this summer where we might be able to man a booth at a reasonable price to recruit new members. Any ideas would be appreciated. The club has been in existence since 1962, but with more and more restrictions from our "friends" at APA and ever rising charges from Finch we are having a very tough time.

We pay Finch roughly $25000 a year to use their land (private property) but because of the APA we can"t set up a
tent because that would make it a campground and APA has total jurisdiction over campgrounds. Our 4 wheeler trails have been closed to us cause APA says repeated use of a trail atvs makes it a road and all roads need permits. We cant get them open cause they all cross class 4 wetlands (denoted by the presence of red spruce and soft maple). Of course that describes the whole Adirondacks. Finch said that they would apply for a variance for trails in a year or two of non-use so they can show APA how the land heals itself, but any permit they have received recently has contained a stipulation that if accepted the APA would have unlimited, unrestricted, right to unannounced visits on all of Finch's [land] in the Adirondacks (162,000 acres) anytime. Finch has wisely turned down those permits. WHO THE HELL DO THESE B-----DS THINK THEY ARE, THE GESTAPO? Also in a letter about our lease, Finch was glad they dodged another proposed APA regulation at least for another year. Apparently APA is trying to change the use of hunting and fishing camps to restrict their use to no more than 14 days a year with no more than 7 of them contiguous. These people are power mad.

Well enough of my rant, thanks for any help you can give us with that list.



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