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Press release, January 8, 2003


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WASHINGTON, DC - Advocates of private property rights are jubilant at the selection of Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA) to be Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Resources.

Pombo was named Chairman today by the Republican leadership, which makes committee assignments and names chairmen. The Resources committee has jurisdiction over a wide range of issues vitally important to private property rights and use of the public lands, including agencies within the Interior Department, the Endangered Species Act, water, timber, mining and fisheries management.

Here is what some leaders of the property rights movement had to say:

"Richard Pombo is straight from the grassroots. He has been there for us time and time again in Congress, from adding common sense to the Endangered Species Act to stopping attempted land grab legislation to promoting multiple use of federal lands. With Richard Pombo as chairman, everyone will be heard from and the grassroots will have a seat at the table."

Chuck Cushman, American Land Rights Association
Battle Ground, Washington
360-607-3312 (cell)


"Representative Pombo has proven his awareness of issues that property owners face across the country, East and West. He has stood up for farmers in the mid-west, forest owners in the northeast, and ranchers in the far west."

Carol LaGrasse, Property Rights Foundation of America
Stony Creek, New York


"Richard Pombo understands how far the federal government has over-reached into the lives of the average American, with no benefit for people or the environment, just the bureaucracy. I believe he will work toward restoring a balance. He has earned the chairmanship and deserves the opportunity."

Henry Lamb, Eco-Logic Foundation
Hollow Rock, Tennessee


This is the most exciting news that private land owners and resource producers have had in ten years. We know first-hand from experiences that range from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Dade County, Florida that Mr. Pombo stands for the rights of small property owners.

G. B. Oliver, Paragon Foundation
Alamogordo, New Mexico


"Richard Pombo has always been a staunch advocate for us. I am very excited about his taking the chairmanship because he believes in the Fifth Amendment in the same way our founding fathers did."

Patricia Bradburn, Virginians for Property Rights
Catharpin, Virginia


"We have a long history of working with Richard Pombo, and are delighted that he is chairman. This is great news for advocates of recreational access to our nation's public lands."

Clark Collins, Blue Ribbon Coalition (off-road recreation access)
Pocatello, Idaho


The American Land Rights Association, founded in 1977, is a nationwide, grassroots organization. Members include farmers, ranchers, woodlot owners, inholders of private property surrounded by public lands, cabin permitees and other small landowners supporting private property rights and multiple use of the federal lands.


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