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Reopen All 200 Plus Roads Now Closed!
Reopen the Over 1,000 Miles of Snowmobile Trails Now Closed!

Listed below are the roads and trails reported to me that people want to see reopened. If you know of additional roads or trails please sent them to me, Don Sage, C/O ACC, Letsonville Rd., Paradox, NY 12858, or to Ted Galusha, Adirondackers For Access, PO. Box 385, Warrensburg, NY 12885. These will be passed on to the lawyers for the Disabled Access Suit.

Clinton County: The Gulf.

Essex County: Hammond Pond area, Say Mountain Tract, Newcomb Lake, Santanoni, Split Rock Mountain, Crane Pond, Pharaoh Lakes, Owls Head, Hoffman Notch, Vanderwacker Mountain, Dix Mountain, Giant Mountain, McKenzie Mountain, Sentinel Range, High Peaks, South Meadow, Marcy Dam, Gooseneck Pond, Bear Pond, Putnam Pond, Flemings Pond, Penfield Pond, Johnson Pond, Overshot Pond, Hammond Pond, Chub Pond, Brant Lake, Sand Pond, Cheney Pond, Bullet Pond, Trout Brook, Minerva Stream.

Franklin County: Debar Mountain, St. Regis, Saranac Lakes, High Peaks, the 30 plus miles of roads on the Whitney Property.

Hamilton County: Blue Mountain, Pigeon Lake, Moose River Plains (including all 50 plus miles of side roads now closed), Big Hollow, Dun Brook, Rock River, Big-H, West Canada Lake, Jessup River, Ferris Lake, Shaker Mountain, Silver Lake, Siamese Ponds, Perkins Clearings, Pillsbury Lake, Cedar River, Cedar Lake, Sacandaga, Johns Pond, Thirteenth Lake, Puffer Pond, Kings Flow, Big Brook, Long Lake trail, Kempshall Mountain, Forked Lake, Endion Rd., Lake Eaten, Little Tupper Lake, Sabbatis Station, Lows Lake, Lake Lila, Shattock Clearing, Bullhead Pond, Unknown Pond, Shallow Lake, Ferds Bog.

Warren County: Lake George, Siamese Ponds, Wilcox Lake, Pharaoh Lakes, Bumps Pond, Buttermilk, Jabe pond, Johnsburg forest, Kibby Pond, Lake Luzerne, Prospect Mountain, Wilcox Lake, Pumpkin Hollow, Thirteenth Lake, Sacandaga, Puffer Pond, Kings Flow, Big Brook, Fish Pond, Gay Pond, Harrisburg, Inman Pond, Lily Pond, Long Pond, Palmer Pond.

Washington County: Palmer Pond, Shelving Rock.

Jefferson County: Black River, Chaumont Bay, Independence River, Pepperbox, HA-DE-RON-DAH.

Oneida County: West Canada Creek, Oriskany Flats, Dole road, Hamilton College.

Herkimer County: Bear Pond, Beardslee Reservoir, Canachagala Lake, Moshier Fails, Pepperbox, Stillwater Dam, Sis Lake, Bubb Lake, Fulton Chain, Big Moose Lake, Bear Creek, Mill Creek, Five Ponds, HA-DE-RON-DAH, Black River, Pigeon Lake, Moose River Plains, West Canada, Ferris Lake.

Lewis County: Aldrich Pond, Oswegatchie, Lassiter lands, Beaver River, Long Pond, Rock Pond, Trout Pond, Trout Lake, Round Pond, Deer Pond, Big Otter Lake, Pepperbox, HA-DE-RON-DAH.

St. Lawrence County: Church Pond, Stone Dam, Aldrich Pond, Carry Flow, Joe Indian Pond, Niagara Mohawk lands, Mud lake, Hickory Lake, Portaferry Lake, Alice Brook trail, Jack Works trail, South Creek Lake. Long lake, Elm Creek, Black Lake, Oswegatchie, Grass, St. Regis, Raquette, Cranberry Lake.

Roads & Trails listed in Suit.
Big Hollow Rd, Bumps Rd, Buttermilk Rd, Hudson River area, Cod Pond, Debar area, Dun Brook, Rock River, Big-H, Ferris Lake, Shaker Mountain, Fish Pond, Fish Brook Pond, Gay Pond, The Gulf, Hammond Pond, Harrisburg area, Inman Pond, Jabe Pond, Jay tract, Johnsburg tract, Kibby Pond Rd & Trail, Lake George tract, Lake Luzerne, Fourth Lake, Lily Pond, Long Pond, Moose River Plains Rd, Carriage Rd, Newcomb Lake, Palmer Pond, Prospect Mt. area, Santanoni area, Saranac Lakes area, Shelving Rock area, Split Rock Mt. area, Thirteenth Lake, Wilcox Lake area, Pumpkin Hollow Rd, Cod Lake, Kibby Pond, Upper & Lower Fish Pond, Harrington Pond.

These roads and trails, and those roads and trails on the areas listed are suppose to be open for the purpose of access by motor vehicle by people with demonstrated mobility impairment until the court rules otherwise. DEC has refused to comply with this ruling and has contested it!

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