Property Rights Foundation of America®
Founded 1994

A Utah Non Profit Organization

P.O. Box 571692
Murray, Utah 84107


To assist senior citizens and minorities and others through the zoning process.

Speak out on zoning issues; the organization will work with governmental agencies, individuals and groups to explain how zoning regulations effect property issues and values.

Arbitrate property conflicts; a significant goal of the organization will be to arbitrate conflicts over property use between neighbor and neighbor, and governmental agencies. We will act as an non-involved party to seek ways to mediate disputes over property issues.

To inform people who work in the zoning and planning departments that one of their jobs is to inform the property owners, and not think their only job is to intimidate them.

By doing arbitration, it should help save money for cities and towns, by keeping the law out of it.

Director of Utah Property Rights Association, Inc.
Robert J. Fisher

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