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My Rules for You

I sit high above
The unsightly drove,
I'm ever so pompous.

I have no junk car
The landscape to mar,
I'm ever so prosperous.

I live at the end
Of a private dead end,
I'm ever so cloistered.

I watch o'er the town
To protect it from harm,
I'm truly magnanimous.

I don't want to see
Your unmanaged debris,
I'm able to handle this.

Your business is mine
Your good I divine,
I'm ever so noble.

I have a nice home
Your mess I bemoan,
I'm very outraged at this.

Your project and car
My landscape they mar,
I find them revolting.

I buy everything new
Keep your old from my view,
I'm certainly Philistine.

Your home's not the best,
My value's distressed,
I'm ever so mortified.

My house is my vice,
Yours's to sacrifice,
I'm very superior.

My investment is fragile
Your junk gives me bile,
My resources will cure this.

A use for town boards
Is to protect from the hoards,
I'm ever so calculating.

I have laws as my tools,
I'll write them some rules,
I'm truly anointed.

The people won't see
How threatened they be,
I'm fiercely complacent.


How can you so measure
The freedom we treasure?

-Carol W. LaGrasse
Stony Creek, N.Y.
May 23, 2004


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