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By Carol W. LaGrasse

March 30, 2005
  Here's to houses needing paint,
    Property value, that they ain't.
  Let's see junk on lawns and drives
    Topless bars and other dives,
  Yards with weeds, rusting cars,
    Aimless teens outside of bars.
  Nothing new except the tasteless,
    Pink flamingos, anything graceless,
  Funky flowerpots cut from tires,
    Drums of garbage feeding fires,
  Gravel pits and asphalt plants,
    Ugliness causing environmentalist rants.
  No quaint little towns with touristy sites,
    No millionaires' houses with prices that bite,
  No Victorian mansions with white picket fences,
    No open mown pastures and wayside attractions.
  We don't want tourists, don't want buyers,
    Or higher taxes that come with outsiders
  Let's remove what's entrancing
      And resist what's enhancing.
    Our hometowns are beckoning,
      Our life they are threatening.
  We don't want value, don't want zoning,
    Or any amenities suiting those that are roaming.
    Cars, keep rusting, scare the rich away.
      Lawns, stay weedy, keep buyers at bay.
    Roofs lean in and windows crack,
      Heaps of manure, waft scents from out back.
    Threadbare couches, grace our porches,
      Burning rubbish, make nighttime torches.
  All things tacky, bless our spaces
    Causing travelers dour faces,
  So our life will reach the future
    Without émigrés engulfing our culture.
  May we see them slam car doors,
    May we hear their exiting roars.
  May our lives in peace continue, —
    Junk, and freedom, muscle and sinew.
  May our children grow up well
    On the streets and byways where we dwell,
  And live on in their kid's kids,
    While years go by, in their ancestor's midst.
  And die here with lives unmarred,
    Buried finally in our town graveyard,
  Their spirits gathered to the Father all seeing,
    Who cares for them ever, the infinite Being.


© 2008 Carol LaGrasse
All rights reserved. Posted by permission.

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