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This ATV plan is just another continuation of DEC's lies. Most of you will remember those DEC personnel and their anti-outdoor recreation policy that included decapitation and murder of snowmobilers and the illegal closing of over 1,000 miles of forest preserve trails. This ATV plan shows that these scums still run and pollute the DEC today. DEC continues to oppose and destroy all outdoor recreation, conservation and wise use of our natural resources. Their assaults on campers, women and children in Hamilton and Warren Counties further shows their contempt and hatred of recreating on the forest preserve lands and waters. Their illegal closing of over 300 roads, ignoring court rulings and decisions and in violation of state law further shows the contempt and hatred they and their eco-freak masters have for the people of the Adirondacks, the taxpayers of the state and our American Democracy.

This DEC policy is a lie. ATV riding has been allowed for decades. In 1993 DEC endorsed expanding recreational opportunities for ATV's on state owned lands, including establishing a trail system. This "policy" stated: "It is the position of the DEC that ATV trails can be established, maintained and used with no irreversible environmental damage." In 1996 DEC established a Memorandum of Understanding for a trail system. Today they are trying to ignore this position as this draft shows, just as they did in the 2001 Treaty Line UMP and the 2003 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. Today DEC refuses to recognize that ATV's even exist. Today DEC refuses to allow them an state land — your land — land you bought with your tax dollars. Today DEC continues to deny the general public — the taxpayers — access to and recreational use of all state lands.

All references to the Adirondack State Land Master Plan are lies. Anyone who references or refers to this document is lying to you. It is an illegal document. It was passed with a FIVE year sunset and has never been renewed or extended. It expired over 20 years ago. Any comments, documents, etc. referring to this plan are lies. In accordance with Article XIV, all forest preserve lands are "Wild Forest" lands. All other classifications (wilderness, etc.) are illegal and must be rejected. All 300 plus roads and over 1,000 miles of trails must be reopened immediately, and an interconnecting trail system between them be established for motorized vehicles, ATV's, snowmobiles, horse and mountain bike riders, the disabled and handicapped, and others.

When NYS DMV first registered ATV's half the fee was to go into trail maintenance. Instead the governors have been stealing it all these years — and your registration fee keeps increasing. More fees, more tax, and nowhere to ride. It is estimated that over $6 Million has been stolen by the governors since 1986. In 2001 there were 98,655 ATV's registered in NYS. Today there are an estimated 125,000. ATV-ers spend about $380 Million annually in NYS.

Everyone who lives in the Adirondacks is keenly aware that hikers are the most destructive people in the forest preserve. They are also non-paying, free-loading leaches, paying no fees or licenses. One does not need photos, which were probably phony, trumped-up, or staged anyway, to see the damage they have caused as it is readily visible on every trail throughout the Adirondacks. These are the destroyers of vegetation, causers of soil erosion, polluters of streams, ponds and wetlands, and destroyers of our natural resources — not the ATV-ers. Hikers continue to damage the back-country trails and forest lands and waters. Hikers have shown over and over again they can not co-exist with wildlife and other users of the forest preserve. Hiking must be banned from all state lands before any attempt of regulating or restricting ATV's is even considered.

The concept of ATV use on Conservation Easement lands is just another lie. The NYS General Obligations Law does not protect the landowner for ATV riding on their land. Numerous Court of Appeals rulings have shown that. Property owners should not grant recreational easements, except those where the General Obligation law offers them full protection. Only a fool would allow or endorse ATV's on their land until they are fully protected. All ATV trails, etc, must be on state-owned land — not easement lands. Only the landowner shall determine if ATV's are to be allowed on his lands.

The radical "green eco-freaks," which King George and his APA/DEC regimen is so over saturated with, continue to deny access and to pollute and destroy our natural resources. They ignore that roads and trails are essential for forest fire fighting. They ignore that roads and trails provide access for recreationists, campers, anglers, hunters, trappers, bird watchers, photographers, families with children, elderly, and the disabled and handicapped — the taxpayers of NYS who paid for these lands. King George continues to steal your ATV funds and refuses to allow you to use the state land your tax dollars bought. Just as in 1999 he stole 73,000 acres of Champion/Santa Clara Tract lands out of production, destroying jobs and recreation opportunities, and lied about establishing hundreds of miles of roads and trails. King George stole 104,000 acres of timberland from Domtar, taking these lands out of production, destroying jobs and denying public access and recreation for ATV's, horse and mountain bike riding and snowmobiles. King George stole 139,000 acres of Champion lands and destroyed all 299 fishing and hunting camps while denying you access and use of ATV's, etc. King George, with his APA/DEC eco-terrorists Gestapo, continues to prohibit family enjoyment at camps and throughout the forest preserve. His APA/DEC lackeys endorse and strive for the destruction of the Adirondack local economy.

Many states have well designed public ATV trail systems that benefit their economy. NYS has the opportunity and the land available to capitalize on this outdoor recreation and its economic benefits. Why are King George, his lackeys and the legislature too stupid and idiotic to realize this? ATV sales are over $3 Billion per year. In NYS they increase about 20% annually. It is a recreational sport and a form of tourism that can greatly benefit the economy.

Michigan has over 3,000 miles of trails for off-road vehicles. Of these 60% are open to ATV' s and 82% of these miles are on state forest land. Michigan tourism estimates that a year generates $16.4 Million and supports 822 jobs. Pennsylvania estimates $1.14 Billion annually which includes: $676.8 Million spent on off-road vehicles and taxes, $45.8 Million spent on fuel, and $190.1 Million spent on food and lodging. Pennsylvania and Michigan both use their ATV fees and taxes correctly and return these funds to maintain their trails, which keeps their economy growing. Federal funds are also available and used for their systems. Both build trails to a well designed standard so there is no erosion, water quality damage, or damage to vegetation or wetlands. This shows the stupidity of King George and his lackeys who refuse to allow outdoor recreation on forest preserve lands here in NYS. Look at the economic loss these jerks are causing.

All roads, trails, railroad beds, logging roads, etc. must be immediately opened to ATV and multi-use (i.e. horse, mountain bike, snowmobile, etc.) motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Public ATV riding WILL be an active APA/DEC program with top priority given to establishing a trail system on state forest preserve lands. There shall be no such thing as illegal off-road ATV use. Where roads, trails, etc. dead-end on forest preserve, ATV's shall be allowed to continue into these lands and exit at other sites and locations. For every acre of state owned forest preserve, there must be one mile of multi-use trail for snowmobiles in winter and ATV, horse, mountain bike, and other motorized vehicles the rest of the year. Every penny ofthe $25.00 registration fee on ATV's must go into the trail fund and its insurance fund.

All ATV-ers must refuse to give King Ceorge any more of your money until all these conditions are fully met. Do not buy or register your ATV in New York. Buy and register your ATV (and your trailers) in another state. Do not give King George his tax or registration money until he fulfills all these conditions. Maine and Pennsylvania have programs that let you ride now so give them your dollars.

Contact your town, county, state and federal elected officials. Demand:

1. They make changes in the law that removes ATV's from the motor vehicle definition, removes them from DMV jurisdiction and transfers them to the Dept. of Agriculture listing them as a farm tool (like tractors).

2. They immediately pass legislation that returns to the towns' jurisdiction over ALL roads within their town lines, including ALL roads into or through state forest preserve and other state land within their town's lines.

3. They immediately pass legislation that opens all forest preserve lands and waters to motorized use including, that there shall be one mile of year-round multiuse trail for every acre of forest preserve land.

If King George and his terrorist supporting eco-freak bootlickers in the legislature, APA and DEC continue to support a ban on ATV's, etc then it is time to secede from NYS and form our own state. Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution provides the procedure. The allowing of Alaska and Hawaii to join are examples. As elections approach and politicians circulate their petitions, get in the face of every one of them; town, county and state. Demand they introduce and secure passage of legislation to allow the counties north of the Mohawk River to secede from NYS and form our own state. Demand an end of this slavery, prejudice, discrimination we have been forced to live under. Demand the right to govern ourselves, to live with a growing economy and jobs that support all outdoor recreation including all motorized recreation and tourism. Demand an end to the dictatorship of the APA, DEC and King George. Demand this pledge in writing from every person seeking political office and do not sign their petition until you get it. Let them know you will not support them unless they support freedom for us — the people who live here in the Adirondacks.


Don Sage
Adirondack Conservation Council Life Member

Don Sage
P.O. Box 123
Paradox, NY 12858

Phone: 518-585-7250
Fax: 518-585-9799

List of roads, trails, etc. to be immediately opened.

4th Lake
Alder Pond
Aldrich Pond
Alice Brook
Alice Brook Tract
Armstrong Road
Balfour Lake
Barnes Pond
Bartlett Carry
Bass Lake
Bear Creek
Bear Pond
Beardslee Reservoir
Beaver Pond Road
Beaver River
Berrymill Pond
Big Brook
Big H
Big Hollow
Big Hollow Road
Big Moose Lake
Big Otter Lake
Big Otter Lake Road
Big Pond
Black Brook
Black Lake
Black River
Blue Mtn Lake
Bog Lake
Bog River
Boquet River
Boreas Pond
Boreas River
Branaugh Road
Brant Lake
Bubb Lake
Bullet Pond
Bullhead Pond
Bumps Pond
Bumps Road
Buttermilk Falls Road

Buttermilk Pond
Buttermilk Road
Camp Road
Canachagala Lake
Carriage Road
Carry Flow
Cedar Lake
Cedar River
Challis Pond
Champion Lands
Chatiemac Pond
Chatiemac Tract
Chaumont Bay
Cheney Pond
Chub Pond
Church Pond
Clear Pond
Cod Lake
Conifer Easement Tract
Cook Brook
Coon Mtn
Crab Pond
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Marsh
Crane Pond
Culver Field Road
Dead Creek
Debar Mtn
Deer Pond
Devils Washdish
Dix Mtn
Dole Road
Domtar Lands
Dug Mtn
Dun Brook
Eagle Lake
East Chazy Lake
Eddy Tract
Ellenburg Mtn
Elm Creek
Endion Road
Ferds Bog
Ferris Lake
Figure Eight Pond
Fish Brook Pond
Fish Hole Pond
Fish Pond
Fish Pond Trail
Five Ponds
Flemings Pond
Floodwood Road
Forked Lake
Forks Mtn
Francis Lake
Fulton Chain
Garnet Lake
Gay Pond
Giant Mtn
Glidden Marsh
Gooseneck Pond
Grampus Lake
Grass Lake
Grass Pond
Grasse River
Grassville Road
Grizzle Ocean
Hamilton College
Hammond Pond
Handsome Pond
Harold Jerry Tract
Harrington Pond
Harrisburg Tract
Heurich Tract
Hickory Lake
High Peaks
Hitchins Pond
Hoffman Notch
Holmes Lake
Horizon Corporation Tract
Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Pond
Hour Pond
Huntley Pond
Hurricane Mtn
Independence River
Indian Lake
Inman Pond
Jabe Pond
Jack Works Trail
Jackrabbit Trail
Jackworks Road
Jay Mtn
Jay Tract
Jessup River
Joe Indian Pond
John Dillon Park
John Pond
Johns Pond
Johnsburg Forest
Johnsburg Tract
Johnson Pond
Kane Mtn
Kempshall Mtn
Keniston Meadows
Kibby Pond
Kibby Pond Road
Kibby Pond Trail
Kings Flow
Kunjamuk Trail
Lake Eaton
Lake George
Lake George Tract
Lake Harris
Lake Lila
Lake Luzerne
Lassiter Tract
Lester Flow
Lewey Lake
Lily Pond
Lily Pond Road
Little Tupper Lake
Long Lake
Long Lake Trail
Long Pond
Long Pond Tract
Loon Lake
Lost Pond
Lows Lake
Lyon Mtn
Maple Hill Road
Marcy Dam
McCarthy Road
McKenzie Mtn
McKenzie Tract
Meacham Lake
Mill Creek
Minerva Stream
Minerva to Newcomb Trail
Moody Flow
Moose River Plains
Moshier Falls
Mountain Road
Moxham Mtn
Mt Tom Road
Mud Lake
Mud Pond
Mud Pond Road
Muller Pond
Newcomb Lake
Niagara Mohawk Lands
North Pond
Northville Trail
Norton Range
Old Farm Clearing

Old Forge
Oliver Pond
Oriskany Flats
Overshot Pond
Owls Head
Owls Head Mtn
Oxbow Tract
Oxshoe Pond
Padnarun Road
Palmer Pond
Paradox Lake
Peck Creek
Penfield Pond
Perkins Clearing
Peters Pond
Pharaoh Lake
Pigeon Lake
Pillsbury Lake
Pine Lake
Plumadore Range
Portaferry Lake
Prospect Mtn
Puffer Pond
Pumpkin Hollow
Pumpkin Hollow Road
Putnam Pond
Putts Pond
Raquette Lake
Raquette River
Raymond Brook
Rock Pond
Rock River
Roosevelt Truck Trail
Round Lake
Round Pond
Sabbatis Station
Sand Pond
Saranac Lake
Schroon Lake to Pottersville Trail
Sentinel Range
Shaker Mtn
Shaker Place
Shallow Lake
Shattock Clearing
Shelving Rock
Siamese Ponds
Silver Lake
Sis Lake
Smith Road
South Cree Lake
South Meadow
Speculator Tree Farm
Sperry Pond
Split Rock
St. Regis
St. Regis Lake
St. Regis Tract
Star Lake
Stillwater Dam
Stillwater Tract
Stone Dam
Streeter Lake
Streeter Lake Road
Sugarloaf Mtn
Sunrise Pond
The Gulf
Thirteenth Lake
Trout Brook
Trout Falls Road
Trout Lake
Trout Pond
Tug Hill
Tupper Lake
Unkown Pond
Upper & Lower Fish Pond
Vanderwacker Mtn
Vanderwacker Pond
Vanderwhacker Mtn
Wanakena Tract
Watson East
Watson East Triangle
West Canada
West Canada Creek
West Canada Lake
White Pond
Whitney Lands
Whitney Tract
Wilcox Lake
Wolf Creek

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