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Central New Jersey Update & Action - William J. Opferman, January 2006


Liberal New Governor, Jon Corzine, a Heritage Advocate

What will 2006 bring? New Jersey has a new Governor in Jon Corzine (D), former U.S. Senator and former CEO of Goldman Sacks. He is very liberal and pro-environmentalists, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He sponsored the bill in the U.S. Senate for the National Park Service Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area in the 108th Congress. As 2005 passed, another year went by where the NPS "Crossroads" NHA has not been established on New Jersey. (Now 3-1/2 years! Hooray!) Thank you, Rep. Richard Pombo!

The eminent domain U.S. Supreme Court ruling is a real setback to property rights. With a new majority of Republican Council candidates taking office in January 2006 for my Hamilton Township, I will submit the PRFA eminent domain resolution to the Council.

It's election year, 2006, for U.S. House of Representatives, so U.S. Rep. Christopher Smith (R) of New Jersey's Fourth District will probably hold a round of "one-on-one" meetings sometime in 2006. (He used to hold three "one-on-ones" a year; now it's one in an election year, no town meetings since 1997.)

He needs to hear from people for co-sponsoring HR 87 (NPS "Crossroads"), even after showing him NPS NHA problems in February 2004. In addition, he did not give a letter stating that he will not submit a bill for a study or to establish a National Wildlife Refuge on Hamilton/Trenton Marsh/Crosswicks Creek after 2-1/2 years of opposing petitions.


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