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Exposé on UNESCO, Biosphere Reserves:

In The Presence of Our Enemies - By Ellen McClay (Authorhouse, 2006)

In a compelling and exhaustively documented 658-page treatise, Ellen McClay, who lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, describes her life-long research beginning during the 1950s about the influences of the UN's UNESCO on American society, through the education system and other inroads. One chapter is devoted to the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program, known as MAB, housed in the U.S. in the Department of State. Congressional hearing statements by such well-known property rights advocates as geologist Katherine Benedetto (Washington, D.C.); Carol LaGrasse, president of the Property Rights Foundation of America; U.S. Representative Don Young (Alaska), and Michael Coffman, Ph.D., president of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (Bangor, Me.) are quoted.

Press release: In the Presence of Our Enemies

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