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The 1973 Adirondack Park Agency Act has a simple exemption from APA jurisdiction in the strictest land use category, "Resource Management," for:

"Hunting and fishing cabins and hunting and fishing and other private club structures involving less than five hundred square feet of floor space." *

Over many years the Adirondack Park Agency has gradually been imposing its idea of what a hunting and fishing cabin, etc., is. This past year the APA finalized its regulation defining a "hunting and fishing cabin, etc.," effective December 31, 2008.

The new APA regulation requires that to fall under the exemption, the cabin must:

  1. Not have pressurized or indoor plumbing
  2. Not have a septic system
  3. Not be connected to a public utility, including water supply, public sewer, or electric service
  4. Not have a concrete foundation
  5. Not be larger that 500 sq. ft., measured from the exterior finish of the building
  6. Not be occupied except during the 6-week hunting season and 1 or 2 additional days
  7. Not be used for purposes such as hiking, snowmobiling, or boating

(The likely sole source of information about violations of the last two restrictions will be snitching by neighbors.)

Features that the APA prefers and allows:

  1. A pit privy for sanitation
  2. Gray water disposal serving the kitchen
  3. A post or pier foundation
  4. Be used for hunting and fishing and similar purposes
  5. One story building (with an interior loft also allowed and not counted in square footage)

* The law allows larger hunting and fishing cabins and private club structures without an APA permit in the less strict land use categories. Please see the law for details

CWL, PRFA, Feb. 2009

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