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December 2010

Grant to Benefit Private Property Rights Outreach

A new program of grassroots education and outreach on private property rights will be offered to people in the North Country as a result a generous foundation grant. The Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., a not-profit educational organization based in Stony Creek, will be using a grant from Great Circle Foundation Inc. to expand its exhibits at shows and fairs, as well as its publications and general outreach, to let people know more about property rights and land issues in northern New York, especially the Adirondacks.

The key aspect of the grant is found in the Great Circle Foundation's goals, which include advancing educational opportunities for groups of individuals that do not otherwise have access.

"A problem facing people in northern New York, especially the Adirondack region, is the inadequacy of education that would enable people to protect their private property rights," said Carol LaGrasse, the president of the property rights organization.

"A lot more information is needed to enable people to participate effectively in government decisions that affect their families, communities, and the economic future," she said.

"There is a great deal of government information about social programs such as food stamps and medical care, but no government agency provides information about how to interact with the government itself to free people to prosper," said LaGrasse. "The people of this region are truly underserved in this respect."

It is for these reasons that the Property Rights Foundation of America®, which has been serving the area since 1994, is expanding its information flow with the grant from Great Circle Foundation of East Northport. The property rights group is seeking invitations from sportsmen's groups, churches, and civic organizations to put on an exhibit or to discuss Adirondack land issues and private property rights. Please call (518) 696-5748 or e-mail


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