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Satirical Postcard Carries a Message about the Adirondack Park

The Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., has just published a new glossy printed, full-color postcard, Welcome to the Adirondack "Park." The words "6 million acres of government and private land" form a sub-heading on a satirical sign suspended from a National Park Service-style wooden frame seemingly located on the wooded shoreline of a lake in the southeastern Adirondacks.

The postcard speaks for itself and draws tongue-in-cheek "laughs" from people who knowingly read its message: "Welcome…" but "Roads closed," "Camps Erased," down to ever more touching, nasty truths about the effects of state land use rules, land acquisition, and closing down forest land to the people.

The "Welcome" postcards make great conversation pieces when handed out at sportsmen's and other club meeting and dinners. They are also appreciated beyond the Adirondack Park!

The postcards are full standard size.

Please Order While Supplies Last!

Available by mail order:

4 postcards…. $1.00
12 postcards… $3.00
25 postcards… $5.00
50 postcards… $8.00
100 postcards… $15.00
200 postcards…$25.00

All prices postpaid.

Large quantity discounts still available while supplies last (tel. 518-696-5748, or e-mail

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