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Explanation of the City's Summer 2013 Revisions to its Willets Point Redevelopment Plan:

The current community of approximately 200 Willets Point businesses is located in Queens County, east of the Mets Stadium between 126th Street and the Flushing River shore land. The City's original plan, for which it brought and withdrew eminent domain, was conceived to erase the Willets Point businesses to build high-end housing, along with mixed uses and a percentage of "affordable" housing. Parking for the Mets Stadium is located west of the stadium, and would have been unaffected by the original proposal.

With the revised proposal, the parking area, which is located on mapped City-owned parkland that is part of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park would become a multistory shopping mall and the parking for the mall and the stadium would be moved to the 23 "Phase l" acres just east of 126th Street, where a concentration of over 100 Willets Point businesses is located. The housing would be further east toward the river, and moved off under "Phase 2" into the year 2025, with only a relatively minor penalty to be paid by the developers if the housing is never completed. The purpose for which the valued, unique concentration of Willets Point businesses would be sacrificed would be a parking lot, and the city parkland that is temporarily paved over for a parking lot would become a permanent mall

--CWL Sept. 8, 2013

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