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The Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., is a national, grassroots, New York-based not-profit organization dedicated to the right to own and use private property in all its fullness as guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

The Property Rights Foundation is known for its events, its publications, and its work with grassroots organizations throughout the United States.

Each year the Foundation sponsors the Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights near the New York State Capitol, with noteworthy leaders and experts from across the country speaking on topics of prime importance to property rights activists and policy leaders. The all-day events draw attendees from many states in the New York region and beyond.

For the First through the Twelfth Annual Conference PRFA published the full Conference Proceedings, including all of the speeches. For the Thirteenth Annual Conference, the concise, small format book, Grassroots Speakers, included the full text of all speakers by grassroots leaders from the Adirondack region. The Fourteenth Annual Conference was followed by a sixteen-page full report on all the speeches, illustrated with color photos.

PRFA is known for its flagship publication, Positions on Property, which began in 1994 with an unprecedented outline and exposé of the multitude of controls that relate to land-use in New York State. The map, pie chart, diagrams, and exposition were the first compilation for any state of the local, regional, state, federal, and international land-use regulations and the pre-zoning plans which were building up a juggernaut for the property owner. The second issue of Positions looked at the entire United States, but reached a more generic and philosophical level, again with a memorable centerfold.

The Positions continued breaking ground with national exposure of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the American, or National, Heritage Areas, and other issues, until 2005, when the issue on Conservation Easements awakened such nationwide interest that copies were soon gone and a reprint doubled the distribution.

PRFA became known for its many incisive publications related to land designations and land-use controls. Back issues of Positions, which remain timely, are often requested. Groups throughout the United States have used them to help defeat UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, block zoning, stop Heritage Areas, and to expose government corruption that is denying our fundamental private property rights in so many ways.

The Foundation helps grassroots people to organize and communicate to the centers of power, and connects people needing information and assistance with National Advisory Board members and other experts.

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