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PRFA Vice President Bruce Dederick, Congressman Jerry Solomon. and Carol LaGrasse at the Hearing held by the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Tannersville, New York

PRFA Vice President Bruce Dederick, Congressman Jerry Solomon. and Carol LaGrasse

Members of the Board of Directors
Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 75
Stony Creek, NY 12878
(518) 696-5748

Carol W. LaGrasse, President PRFA
Carol W. LaGrasse, President
Stony Creek, New York
Retired civil and environmental engineer 

Robert G. Prentiss
Albany, New York
New York State Assemblyman

Retired owner Prentiss Personnel 

Members of the National Property Rights
dvisory Board

F. Patricia Callahan, Washington, D.C.
President, American Association of Small Property Owners

Arlene P. Hanson, Cave Creek, Arizona

Marilyn Hayman, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
Founding President, Citizens for Responsible
Zoning and Landowner Rights

Keith Klingler, President
Pennsylvania Landowners Association
Manager of exclusively his own forest holdings, inclusing oil, gas, mineral, syrup production, and timber.
Official member of Pennsylvania DEP Sewage Advisory Council

Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq., J.D., LLM, Princeton, New Jersey
CEO, Institute for Trade, Standards, & Sustainable Development

Edward C. Krug, Ph.D., Winona, Minnesota
Soil Scientist, Publisher of Environment Betrayed

Hon. John McClaughry, Concord, Vermont
Retired Vermont State Senator,
President Ethan Allen Institute

George McGowan, Lake George, New York
Owner, McGowan Lumber, Councilman

Thomas A. Miller
Oil Producer
Olean, New York
Co-founder, Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers (PIPP)

Margery B. Pinkerton, Richmond, Virginia

Robert J. Smith, Washington, D.C.
President, Center for Private Conservation
Adjunct Environmental Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Leon Somerville, Jr., Cozahome, Arkansas
River Guide


In Memoriam
Honored Deceased Member of the Board of Directors
and Members of the National Advisory Board

William J. Opferman, Hamilton, New Jersey (see article)

Nate Dickinson, Altamont, New York
Author, Retired New York State Big Game Unit Leader
Nate Dickinson's Common Sense Perspectives)

Bruce Dederick,
Vice President

Saugerties, New York
Vice President 5D Enterprises 

Founding Board Member & Vice President
1994 -2015

Bruce Dederick was a heart and soul believer in the United States Constitution. A successful businessman engaged in the construction industry with a specialty of computerized management of concrete batching, Bruce made possible the pro bono legal work for the incorporation of PRFA and he also set up the computerized record-keeping system for PRFA's finances. He and his wife Dorothy were leaders in the successful opposition to the establishment of the Hudson Valley National Heritage Area even before the founding of PRFA, which occasioned the meeting of them and Carol LaGrasse. His thoroughgoing knowledge of government, his humanity, and his devotion to the mission of PRFA will be deeply missed.

Bruce Dederick, Vice President PRFA

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