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Joseph Ardizzone - July 29, 2016
Esteemed Hero of Private Property Rights
Willets Point, Queens, New York City

The following message from Robert LoScalzo is an elegant tribute to Joseph Ardizzone:

From: Robert LoScalzo
Sent: Fri, Jul 29, 2016 6:25 pm
Subject: Joe Ardizzone — Rest In Peace

With a heavy heart, I'm writing to relay what I heard now by telephone from Joe's good friend, Tony Simone. Joe passed away a short while ago today at the hospital.

Joe often said enthusiastically that he considered life "one big learning experience," that he had lived very well and with no regrets whatsoever.

He had anticipated this day. More than once he remarked: "When it's my time, if I get to see God, the first thing I'm going to do is ask him, 'What'd you have to go and do that for? I was having such a great time!'"

I'm attaching a few photographs showing Joe in his various modes. Outside the Appellate Division court in Manhattan; exiting his house wearing his Revolutionary War uniform; on a rooftop overlooking Willets Point Boulevard; and celebrating his 84th birthday earlier this month.

Joe was proud to take a stand for private property rights. Here is a link to a 2-minute audio recording -- the introduction of Joe by Robert Prentiss when Joe received an award from the Property Rights Foundation of America in 2013:

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