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A. Back Issues Positions on Property ($3.00 each up to 10 copies, $2.00 each 10 copies or more,) incl. postage & handling. Inquire for large quantities.
  Vol 1 No 1 The Stone Age of Government (New York State environmental zones)
Vol 1 No 2 Environmentalism's Iron Grip, with National Heritage Supplement & Wildlands Exposé
Vol 1 No 3 National Park Service No. 1 - National Land-Use Controls, Alaskan Betrayal
Vol 2 No 1 National Park Service No. 2 - UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Buffalo National River
Vol 2 No 2 Perverting the Trust - The Land Conservancies
Vol 2 No 3 Unrepentant Congress - Farmer's Home Admin. Environmental Easements, Finger Lakes National Forest Expansion, Northern Forest Lands (reprinted)(reprint furnished)
Vol 2 No 4 United States Constitution - Overview of private property rights infringements
Vol 3 No 1 American Heritage Areas (out of print, "xerox" furnished)
Vol 3 No 2 Zoning and Building Codes
Vol 4 No 1 Elites Only - Heritage Areas, FERC relicensing of Dams
Vol 5 No 1 Conservation Easements
B. Books (2 - 10 copies any combination of books postage & handling $3.00)


 * Celebrating Private Property Rights—Keeping Private Lands in Private Hands - Proceedings of the Sixth Annual New York Conf. on Private Property Rights (8½ x 11, 2003) $10.50 plus $2.00 p&h
  A Wake-Up Call—Organizing for Success - Proceedings of the Fifth Annual New York Conf. on Private Property Rights (8½ x 11, 50pp. 1999) $10.50 plus $2.00 p&h
The Best Alternative - Enhancing Private Property Rights - Proceedings of the Fourth Annual New York Conf. on Private Property Rights (8½ x 11, 50pp. 1999) $10.50 plus $2.00 p&h    
The Property Owner's Experience, New York's Arbitrary and Excessive Regulation of Private Land and Resources (8½ x 11, 56pp 1998) $10 plus $2.00 p&h
Real People - Their Property Under Attack - Proceedings of the Third Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights (8½ x 11, 52pp 1998) $9.90 plus $2.00 p&h
New York, A Mirror of the Nation- Proceedings of the Second Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights (8½ x 11, 44 pp. 1997), $9.90 plus $2.00 p&h
The Moral High Ground, An Anthology of Speeches - Proceedings of the First Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights, (8½ x 11, 56 pp. 1996), $9.50 plus $2.00 p&h
The APA Shell Game: How New York's Adirondack Park Agency is Becoming the World's Foremost Environmental Snoop (GIS Computer enforcement), by Carol W. LaGrasse. 26pp. (1994) $3.50 incl. p&h
C. Briefs, Reprints, Reports & Testimony


  Adirondack Blowdown - A Word of Caution (Report 1996, 8pp) $1.00 incl. p&h.    
Biosphere Reserves - Congressional Testimony (1996, 9p.) $1.50 incl p&h    
Dangers of Designations - Biosphere Reserves & National Heritage Areas (Brief 1997, 2pp) 1 copy free    
Biosphere Reserves Tannersville, NY, Hearing (Report 1997, 4pp) 1 copy free    
American Heritage Rivers (Report 1997, 2pp) 1 copy free    
American Heritage Rivers - Congressional Testimony (1997, 16pp incl. attachments) $1.50 incl p&h    
How to Reach Your Representative (Speech 1997, 8pp plus attachments) $1.00 incl p&h    
American Heritage Rivers (Speech to Eagle Forum 1998, 11pp) $1.50 incl p&h    
An Evaluation of the "No Net Gain in Government Lands" platform (Briefing paper, 4pp., 1999) 1 copy free    
Property Rights and Wetlands - Speech to N.Y. Wetlands Forum (1999, 2pp.) 1 copy free    
American Land Sovereignty Protection Act (Biosphere Reserves) - Senate Testimony (1999, 11pp.) $1.50 incl p&h    
Conservation Easements (Pros and Cons) - Speech to National Hardwood Lumber Association (1999, 12pp.) $1.50 incl p&h    
New York State Purchase of Champion International Lands - Information packet (1999) $1.50 p&h    
New York State DEC Wetlands Re-Mapping - Information packet (1999) $1.50 p&h    
Defeating Land Designations - Key Strategies for Community Leaders (2000, 6pp.) $.50 incl p&h    
Environmental Justice in New York State - Statement to DEC Environmental Justice Advisory Group (2000, 4pp.) $.50 incl p&h    
Adirondack Park Agency Amendments to Regulations Part I Phase I - Comments (2000, 6pp.) $.50 incl p&h    
D. Pocket Briefs (tiny tracts on selected topics, 25 copies - $5.00, 50 copies - $8.00, incl p&h.)


  No. 1 - The Inscrutable Land Trusts    



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