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Steven Anderson serves as Coordinator for the Institute for Justice's Castle Coalition. Through his grassroots support and strategizing, he educates and inspires property and business owners around the nation in the fight to end eminent domain abuse.

In conjunction with the Institute's argument before the U.S. Supreme Court in February 2005, Steven organized more than 30 rallies from coast to coast to highlight the abuses of eminent domain in communities nationwide. He has helped individuals in Utah and Nebraska fight back outrageous redevelopment plans and is currently working closely with activists in Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York to protect the fundamental private property rights of home and small business owners.

Steven has been quoted extensively in newspapers across the country and has had frequent broadcast media appearances, including the nationally syndicated radio shows hosted by former congressman Bob Barr and G. Gordon Liddy.

Steven received his law degree from Wake Forest University in 1999. He received his undergraduate degree with distinction from the University of Virginia in 1996 where he majored in History. Prior to joining the Institute, he practiced law privately for five years in both Virginia and North Carolina, primarily as a litigator.

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"Eminent Domain Reforms at Every Level" - Speech from the Ninth Annual Conference

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