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James K. Chilton, Jr.

James K. Chilton, Jr.

Born in 1939, Jim Chilton, a fifth generation Arizona rancher, was raised on farms and ranches. In 1979, Mr. Chilton, together with his father and brother, founded Chilton Ranch & Cattle Company, which owns the Diamond Bell, a cow-calf ranch southwest of Tucson, Arizona. In 1987, Mr. Chilton and his wife Sue purchased a ranch south of Arivaca, Arizona, near the family's Diamond Bell operation.

Mr. Chilton has also specialized in providing investment banking and financial advisory services to public entities since 1970. Prior to forming his own municipal investment banking firms, Mr. Chilton was Senior Vice President and manager of the Shearson/American Express Public Finance Division (currently Lehman Brothers) for the western United States.

A graduate of Arizona State University, he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master of Science in Economics, and a Master of Arts in Political Science. Mr. Chilton also served U.S. Senator Carl Hayden of Arizona for three years as a Special Assistant.

Mr. Chilton was honored as Rancher of the Year by the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association (2002) and by the Arizona Farm Bureau (2005). In 2005, he received the True Grit Award from the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association and the Individual of the Year Award from the Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties. In 1991, he received the Pima County NRCD Award of Merit for Outstanding Accomplishments in Resource Conservation. In 2005 his wife and he received The Arizona Farm Bureau Environmental Stewardship Award.

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