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Michael Cristofaro

Michael Cristofaro


Michael Cristofaro is the fourth of five Cristofaro children. His father Pasquale immigrated to the U.S. from Italy in the spring of 1962; his mother, Margherita, followed that October. The family settled in New London, Connecticut, and Michael was born that December.

The first home the Cristofaro family owned in America was taken by the City of New London in the early 1970s, supposedly for the construction of a sea wall. In 2000, the City again condemned a Cristofaro family home, this time clearly for private economic development. Earlier this year, the Cristofaros, along with their neighbors and represented by the Institute for Justice, took their fight against eminent domain abuse all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the infamous Kelo v. New London decision came down.

Michael has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Thames Valley State Technical College and has been employed by Automatic Data Processing since 1988 as a Network Engineer. He has been happily married to Anna for 6 years.

Conference Speech

"Five Years Later - The Local Aftermath of Kelo" - Speech from the Ninth Annual Conference
"Local Citizen Organizing to Defeat Eminent Domain"
- Speech from the Ninth Annual Conference

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