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Charles W. Frank

Charles W. Frank


Chuck Frank is a family man, journalist, musician, songwriter, builder, landscaper/irrigation specialist, and an author of the recently released book, House of Lords: America in the Balance. He will be speaking and and having a book signing at the Sixteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights on October 20th.

Chuck, a native of California and presently a resident of the state of Washington, has uncovered valuable insights of the people's lost rights which also include the brazen attacks on private property owners and threats of fines and jail because of noncompliance.

He began exposing an array governmental injustices in the 1990's and also wrote past articles for a local weekly newspaper in Northern California. After relocating in 2001 Chuck is now writing for another weekly newspaper whose writers focus primarily on lost rights, Agenda 21, and getting back to the roots of our Constitution.

Chuck received his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Chico State University with an emphasis in Sociology. Not only does his book reflect upon national and local concerns he also covers social issues of extreme importance. He has had numerous interviews on talk radio, including one with Lars Larson. Summing up his present mission, Chuck exposes corruption at many levels but offers new ideas to release the people from their present bondage to government bureaucracies that are fully out of control which hide behind a charade of runaway environmentalism and non-sustainability.

Here is a short review of Chuck's book

.House of Lords: America in the Balance

House of Lords: America in the Balance
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, Mustang Oklahoma

Nine justices on the Supreme Court can decide sweeping issues that will affect generations to come, while the American majority may disagree fully with these judicial decisions. This is democracy? For decades on end, the influence of special interests and the government have tested the very constitutional fabric of society. Now, America is at a crossroads, and something's got to give. The House of Lords: America in the Balance candidly and unapologetically exposes the present injustices of a governmental betrayal combined with those high rollers, who, author Charles Frank argues, are responsible for sabotaging our sacred republic while American citizens are stripped of their cherished rights and freedoms. The House of Lords presents the stark reality of hidden agendas, dysfunctional government, and a broken society that needs a new blueprint and spiritual renewal. The author offers practical, unique solutions for a fractured nation, solutions that are rooted in the heart-felt ideologies originally formed and put forth by our country's founding fathers.

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Northern California Sheriffs are now set on stopping the Federal Government because of their limited land use policies and forest service road closures. Because the West is highly forested, roads need to remain open and maintained not only for public use and recreation, but also for the need of greater access to fight forest fires which are more and more becoming an issue that is fully out of control. Forest fires cannot be stopped if there are no roads that can be used as access. The Sheriffs of Northern California are coming into agreement on one more issue. The underbrush in forested lands needs to be cut away and the thinning of trees needs to be accomplished so as to prevent massive forest fires which continue to plague the West. Once more "we the people" are facing the "green giant" whose intentions are not aligned for the "public good." Therefore, thankfully, the Sheriffs of Northern California have stepped up to the plate and are now representing the people and the land that rightfully belongs to us.


Conference Speech

"The Color Green: Sheriffs Challenge U.S. Forest Service Road Closings in Northern California" - Speech from the Sixteenth Annual Conference


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