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Jigs Gardner 

Jigs Gardner

Jigs Gardner is an essayist on the essential aspects of rural life, literature, politics, and greenism. He has written for magazines and journals in the U.S. and Canada, and is associate editor of the St. Croix Review — "a thoughtful magazine for thoughtful people" — in St. Croix, Minnesota, where he recently addressed the magazine's annual banquet. He is co-author, with his wife, Jo Ann, of Gardens of Use & Delight about their 30 years sojourn in Canada, reclaiming and landscaping a backlands farm. He and Jo Ann have lectured on their book at many venues here and abroad. He may be contacted by email at

Conference Speech
"Private Property Rights: Enduring Problems" - Speech from the Twenty-First Annual Conference
"Conservatism and Beauty in the Rugged Life" - Speech from the Twentieth Annual Conference
"Greenism: Strategy, Roots, Consequences" - Speech from the Sixteenth Annual Conference
"The American Frontier & Private Property Rights: A Personal Journey" - Speech from the Fifteenth Annual Conference

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