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Reginald G. Jones

Reginald G. Jones

October 2000

Reginald G. Jones was featured on the November 1997 cover of the black periodical, Headway magazine, as he launched a new talk show, "Grassroots Live" on National Empowerment Television. The article by Gwen Daye Richardson began, "Reginald Jones seems destined for the big time. With a smooth baritone voice perfect for radio and a telegenic persona fitting for the camera's eye, Jones represents something that has been missing from American culture: An energetic advocate for the American ideal, unabashed, unbowed, confident, erudite, able to make his opponents cower in shame from their lack of knowledge and convictions. The fact that he is also black and holds conservative views makes his debut as a television talk-show host all the more intriguing."

Since 1990, Mr. Jones is the president of his Reggitainment Group, which provides entertainment management and independent record promotion. A musician, he has performed in bands and been in producing groups since the 1980's. He also worked as a disc jockey at NYU radio, co-hosting with Terry Terrell on the College Radio P-Funk Show. Earlier he was with MCA Records in Manhattan in the Rhythm and Blues Department where he was assistant to Angela Thomas. Most recently he has been a syndicated talk show host with Radio America, and does public speaking in motivational, business and political topics. He is a Project 21 Advisory Board Member.

A native of Brooklyn, Mr. Jones spent his childhood in South Bronx. Today he recalls that he saw what liberalism did to his neighborhood. His hardworking parents instilled their drive and values in him, including the requirement to graduate, while Bishop S. McDowell Shelton inspired him with the promise that he could do great things if he chose his own path and never used his race as an excuse for failure.

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"Freedom—The Way Up From Racism and Poverty" - Speech from the Fifth Annual Conference

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