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Steve Kennemuth

Steve Kennemuth

July 2003

Steve Kennemuth and his sister Nancy were born in the small town of Duke Center, Pennsylvania, where his father, Dick, still resides since the passing of their mother in 1996. They lived in an apartment above the garage his father owned. While running the garage, his father acquired a number of oil properties as a part-time business and with the sale of the garage in 1966 made the oil business his full-time occupation.

He writes, "I attended Mansfield State University, graduating in 1974, and immediately went to work in the family business until economic circumstances and environmental regulations compelled me to seek another line of endeavor. Eventually, I found employment with Zippo Manufacturing Co. in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where I still work."

"My wife Linda and I live in Olean, New York, with our thirteen animals on what I jokingly refer to as 'Linda's Green Acres,'" he writes. "Linda works as a rural carrier for the Postal Service out of the Olean office, where she has been employed for twenty years."

Conference Speech

"Practical Experience with the U.S. EPA—Arbitrary Regulation of Small Oil Producers" - Speech from the Sixth Annual Conference

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