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Peyton Knight

Peyton Knight

Peyton Knight is the former director of environmental and regulatory affairs for The National Center for Public Policy Research.

The National Center is a communications and research foundation dedicated to the promotion of free markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility and a strong national defense. The Center believes that private owners are the best environmental stewards, and the right to private property is a fundamental cornerstone of American liberty.

Peyton has testified several times before both Houses of Congress, and has been quoted in numerous print media outlets across the nation including The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor. He also has been a frequent guest on many radio and television programs including the Fox News Channel, CNN, BBC and MSNBC.

Peyton lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two children.

Conference Speeches

"National & International Land Use Planning" - Speech from the Eleventh Annual Conference
"National Heritage Areas—An Appearance of Innocence" - Speech from the Tenth Annual Conference

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