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Carol W. LaGrasse

Carol W. LaGrasse

August 2004

Carol W. LaGrasse is the President of the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., which sponsors the Annual National Conferences on Private Property Rights. PRFA is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional right to own and use private property and to preserving the American tradition of private landownership. In addition to its publications, PRFA hosts an acclaimed, free web site, which reaches policy makers and media throughout the U.S. and worldwide and greatly augments the PRFA's goal of distributing solid information to individual property owners and grassroots individuals with strategies to organize and defend private property rights. Prime examples of PRFA's effectiveness are that its testimony before Congress that sparked a ten-year controversy over the National Heritage Area program; its significant influence to reverse the expansion of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the United States; and its publication exposing the negative side to conservation easements. Whether the issue is urban eminent domain or rural programs such as wetlands regulation, PRFA is often called on to defend private property rights and private property ownership.

Ms. LaGrasse also writes the journal Positions on Property; edits and co-authors the newsletter, the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse; and edits the Proceedings of PRFA's Annual National Conferences on Private Property Rights. She manages the PRFA web site,, with over 1000 web "pages" of information, mainly original PRFA articles related to private property rights. She founded the Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc., in 1994, after many years of work for the restoration of constitutional home-rule and property rights in New York's Adirondacks. She has testified six times on property rights, and in opposition to National Heritage Areas, American Heritage Areas, and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves before committees of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Articles written by and about her have appeared in numerous magazines, books, and newspapers.

A New York State Licensed Professional Engineer, Carol LaGrasse was a successful civil and sanitary engineer in the days of the infancy and relative reasonableness of the environmental movement. She received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with honors from the City College of New York (CCNY) in 1965. She has spent 30 years involved in one way or another with the environmental movement. She is also a retired Stony Creek Town Councilman and has served in numerous voluntary community, professional, church, and social action capacities both in the North Country and New York City. She is also retired as a church organist. She is a member of the honorary civil engineering fraternity Chi Epsilon; was awarded the "Women's Badge" of Tau Beta Pi, the honorary engineering fraternity; and is listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering and Who's Who of American Women. Carol and her husband Peter live in the home they built by hand in Stony Creek.

Contact information:

Carol W. LaGrasse, President
Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 75
Stony Creek, NY 12878
(518) 696-5748

Conference Speeches

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"Synonymous: Private Property Rights & the Right to Pursue Happiness" - Speech from the Eighteenth Annual Conference
"Property Rights for the People" - Speech from the Seventeenth Annual Conference
"A Charge to Keep"
- Speech from the Sixteenth Annual Conference
"Celebrating Our Fifteenth Annual Conference" - Speech from the Fifteenth Annual Conference
"Facing the Facts—Making a Path to the Future: Removal and Resistance Across the Land" - Speech from the Fourteenth Annual Conference
"The Adirondack Park Agency Idea" - Speech from the Thirteenth Annual Conference
"Zoning & Building Codes: Rules Beyond Reason"
- Speech from the Twelfth Annual Conference
"Welcome — Forged in the Fire" - Speech from the Eleventh Annual Conference
"Welcome — A Look Over the Wall" - Speech from the Tenth Annual Conference
"Welcome — Rules of Engagement"
- Speech from the Ninth Annual Conference
"Welcome — Challenges to Our Vision" - Speech from the Eighth Annual Conference
"Welcome — Our Inalienable Heritage" - Speech from the Seventh Annual Conference
"Welcome — Celebrating Private Property Rights" - Speech from the Sixth Annual Conference
"Welcome—Going Forward" - Speech from the Fifth Annual Conference
"Welcome—Our Fifth Anniversary" - Speech from the Fourth Annual Conference
"Welcome — A Private Property Rights Perspective on Environmental Zoning and Other Infringements" - Speech from the Third Annual Conference
"Welcome — New York in Court — A Mirror of the Nation" - Speech from the Second Annual Conference
"The Not-Profit/Government Interface — Quietly Acquiring Private Property" - Speech from the Second Annual Conference
"Welcome" - Speech from the First Annual Conference




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