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Robert LoScalzo

Robert LoScalzo is a Telly Award-winning producer of promotional and educational audio-visual media for corporations and institutions. In 2007, when the City of New York announced it would "redevelop" the industrial neighborhood of Willets Point, LoScalzo thought it could be interesting to depict the area — and the City's effort to dismantle it — on video. He's stuck with that project all the years since, recording hundreds of hours of interviews and public hearings; and obtaining project documents and behind-the-scenes communications via the Freedom of Information Law. He's amassed what is probably the biggest private collection of Willets Point information and has become a resource to the property and business owners, and the attorneys who have tried to protect their interests.

Conference Speeches

"Willets Point Street Access: The City Gives and the City Takes Away"- Speech from the Twenty-Third Annual Conference
"Update – Willets Point Businesses Struggle against Creeping Regulatory Taking"- Speech from the Twenty-Second Annual Conference
"Willets Point, A Focus of Judges, Candidates, Realtors, and Airport Planners - As Area Businesses Persevere"- Speech from the Twenty-First Annual Conference
"Preserving a Park to Save Willets Point's Industrial Community — An Update"- Speech from the Twentieth Annual Conference
"Victory in Appellate Court against the City of New York, But Battles Loom"- Speech from the Nineteenth Annual Conference
"A Unique Civic Alliance Goes to Court:
Protecting City Parkland, Corona, and Willets Point"
- Speech from the Eighteenth Annual Conference
"Legal Pretexts: Urban Business Owners' Rights Violated"- Speech from the Seventeehth Annual Conference
"The Corruption of Eminent Domain: Willets Point, New York City"- Speech from the Sixteenth Annual Conference

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