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Devlen Mackey

Devlen Mackey


Devlen Mackey and his wife Holly are the owners of Mackeys Orchard in Belvidere, in northern New Jersey. Eight generations ago, William Mackey owned approximately 800 acres of land in and around White Township, New Jersey. Over the years, various family members have subdivided the property until it became the 96-acre orchard it is today. The Mackeys grow apples, nectarines, plums, peaches and cherries. Devlen and Holly also have a farm store with a bakery, homemade ice cream and farm market.

Devlen Mackey is the president of the Highlands Conservation Association, a coalition of farmers and other landowners whose property is trapped within the preservation zone envisioned by the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act passed by the Legislature in 2004 to create a state zoning commission to effectively tie up the private land under the guise of watershed protection. The scheme is actually part of the unbroken radical "wildlands" corridor being "restored" section by section to connect the Appalachians through northern New Jersey, then across New York's Hudson valley and highlands into western Connecticut and up through the Massachusetts' Berkshires to Vermont's Green Mountains.


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