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Sean R. McKeon

July 2003

Sean McKeon is the executive director of The Northeast Regional Forest Foundation in Brattleboro, Vermont. The foundation is an education and conservation organization dedicated to promoting the wise use of natural resources in a free market economy.

The foundation's work is to promote, across industry and state boundaries, the ethic of private property as the cornerstone of liberty, economic, and ecological health. The foundation maintains that only prosperous nations and states can afford to prioritize ecological considerations when setting public policy.

During the Vermont legislative session, Mr. McKeon monitors legislation as it affects the forest products community, business and private landowners. He has been an editorial writer for statewide papers and was featured in the "Conservative Spotlight" in Human Events this October. Together with his colleagues at the foundation, Mr. McKeon travels the New England region and country, establishing a network of like-minded organizations and people dedicated to preserving the freedoms and way of life we enjoy as Americans.

He is currently a partner in Vermont Deal, LLC, a firm that specializes in exports to Ireland. He has also worked as a lobbyist for Of the People, a parental rights organization in Washington, D.C., and was the executive director of American Collegians for life, also in Washington, D.C.

Conference Speech

"Defending New England Traditions" - Speech from the Sixth Annual Conference

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