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James E. Morgan

James E. Morgan


James E. Morgan is an attorney in private practice as a partner in the firm of Galvin and Morgan in Delmar, New York, after retiring from many years of practice with the State of New York. He is litigating many cases involving private property rights and conservation easements. He received his J.D. from Albany Law School and earned a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY, Albany. He has handled litigation of virtually every nature related to the State of New York as Assistant Attorney General, Hearing Officer for the Department of Social Services, Senior Attorney for the Department of Agriculture and Markets, and Senior Attorney for the Department of Equalization and Assessment. He is admitted to practice in New York State Courts; the Southern, Eastern and Northern U.S. States District Courts; and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Morgan is now also a cooperating attorney with LandGuard, a nationwide legal service to assure high quality legal advice to protect private property rights. LandGuard is affiliated with the American Land Foundation, Taylor, Texas.

He is representing property owners in the Long Island Pine Barrens, where their land is zoned by the Long Island Pine Barrens Act for zero use, but no compensation has been offered for the taking of their property and their assessments have not been reduced. In addition, with three separate lawsuits he is litigating in both State and Federal Court on the behalf of multiple groups of plaintiffs, he is challenging the unequal treatment of similarly situated landowners. He has been representing the Town of Hardenburgh (population 198, where the State owns 58 percent of the land) in Ulster County in Federal Court in pursuit of equity on its State-owned forest preserve assessments. The 200 property owners of Hardenburgh contribute $885,000 in one year to the school district but only three students.

Contact information:

James E. Morgan, Esq.
Galvin & Morgan, Attorneys
217 Delaware Avenue
Delmar, NY 12054
(518) 439-7734
fax: (518) 475-1810

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