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Heidi Peterson

Heidi Peterson


Graduate of the University of Washington obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Economics and a minor Mathematics with Honors, in year 2000. Member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon, The International Honor Society for Economics. Attended Florida International University School of Law in 2007. Joined World Family Congress Russia under Father Maxim Obukhov who aided in the support of the birth of her first child Sarah Kathryn Maximova Peterson in year 2010.

Heidi Peterson will be addressing the so called "squatter's rights" as it is applied to property rights.

October 2, 2011, she returned home to the Boston Edison Historic District in Detroit, Michigan after finding out a squatter leading a gang had taken over her home. What is unique about Boston Edison Historic District is that it is a neighborhood which houses one of Henry Fords first houses along with many mansions of many previously famous people from the early 1900's.

Currently, 40 homes/mansions in this neighborhood are under siege by "squatters". There is a social contract which the State of Michigan has created with the home invaders that allows the home invader can move into someone's home, without their knowledge, and then they obtain protection under the tenant landlord act. At this point they don't consider this a crime but a civil matter. The state laws and procedures abrogate the property rights of the homeowner in favor of the home invader.

Conference Speech

"Urban Trespassing: A Harrowing Experience" - Speech from the Seventeenth Annual Conference


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