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marshall Sayegh

Marshall Sayegh

Marshall Sayegh is a native Californian born in Alameda California in 1952.  He has been married to his wife, Terri for 15 years and between them have raised four boys to adulthood.

A carpenter by trade, he specialized in production building techniques  and technologies.  He was responsible for construction of 1200 houses per year for 10 years with the Hoffman Company in Northern California.  He is retired from the construction business after 17 years. He is an inventor and holds a US patent on an energy saving heating/cooling control system that causes conditioned air to follow people. He was an aquaculturist and children's environmental educator.  He taught many children, a lot of them physically and mentally handicapped, how to fish, and developed aquaculture educational programs with the University of California - Davis.

Since 1993, Mr. Sayegh is a senior technology specialist for Platform Horizons, LLC, a Microsoft Solution provider.  His expertise is in wide area networks and network computer systems.

He moved to Gualala on the California Coast in 1995 and became increasingly involved in local and county government.  He is active in assisting local emergency services with technology projects, chambers of commerce and local government agencies. He created a ratepayer site for our local sewer district and successfully lobbied for improved practices and respect of taxpayer rights. His wife and he founded Esplanade.US in 2003, providing high speed internet on the coast.

He was instrumental in extending Gualala undergrounding to town boundaries and fighting the taking of property by Pacific Gas and Electric.

He is co-founder of the Gualala Commercial Property Owners Association.  He also co-founded the Gualala Festivals Committee, which provides Fourth of July Festivities and decorations, our town Christmas tree and Lighted Truck Parade.


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