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The APA Asserts the Power to Classify Water Bodies

Adirondack Park Agency deliberates about the classification of Lows Lake in September. At the center of the U-shaped table is Curt Stiles, Chairman, and from left to right, APA Counsel John Banta, board member James Townsend, Department of State's Riele Morgiewicz, Department of Economic Development's James Fayle, board member William Thomas, and Review Board Executive Director Frederick Monroe. Standing at right is APA planner Richard Weber.
Photos: Carol W. LaGrasse


Lake George, the "Queen of Lakes," located at the east edge of Warren County, N.Y. The long, narrow lake extends from the tourist center of the village of Lake George to Ticonderoga, where the International Paper plant is located. The water body is enjoyed by all types of water recreation, from swimming to small craft (mainly motorboats) to the historic sternwheelers for which the lake is noted. Between the developed areas at either end of the lake is a long reach where large blocks of State Forest Preserve now occupy much of the land on either side. The waters of Lake George were mentioned in an APA internal legal memorandum as a potential subject of classification.


The Minne-Ha-Ha, a historic steam-powered sternwheeler that plies the waters of Lake George. The sternwheeler, which boasts an outdoor organ with pipes played by steam exhaust, is owned by the Lake George Steamboat Company, which owns two additional large tour boats that traverse throughout Lake George.

"Statement in Opposition to the Reclassification of Lows Lake and Vicinity"

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