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Some of APA Commissioners and Officials
Long Pond Tract Permit Deliberations

September 9, 2004
Waters Edge
Old Forge, N.Y.

Photos by Peter J. LaGrasse

These twelve photos include all nine APA commissioners who were present (one absent, one vacancy of total of eleven commissioners), APA executive director, APA counsel, and director of APA Local Government Review Board.

Frank Mezzano

Karyn Richards

Frank Mezzano (info)

Karyn Richards

Richard Hoffman

Katherine Roberts

Richard Hoffman

Katherine Roberts (info)

John Banta

Ross Whaley

John Banta

Ross Whaley

Dan Fitts

Cecil Wray

Dan Fitts (info)

Cecil Wray (info)

James Townsend

Deanne Rehm

James Townsend (info)

Deanne Rehm (info)
Randall Beach Joseph Rota

Randall Beach

Joseph Rota (info)

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