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The APA Commissioners and Officials

November 13, 2009

Photos by Peter J. LaGrasse

Frank Mezzano Elizabeth Lowe
Frank Mezzano
Lake Pleasant. "in park" Commissioner, appointed 1998 (info)
Elizabeth Lowe
Dept. of Environmental Conservation Designee, Commissioner
Arthur Lussi Leilani Ulrich
Arthur Lussi
Lake Placid, "in park" Commissioner, appointed 2006
Leilani Ulrich
Old Forge, "in park" Commissioner, appointed 2004
Cecil Wray Richard Booth
Cecil Wray
Manhattan, Commissioner, appointed 1999 (info)
Richard Booth
Ithaca, Commissioner,
appointed 2007
Terry Martino Curt Stiles
Terry Martino
Onchiota, Executive Director, appointed 2009
Curt Stiles
Saranac Lake, Chairman, "in park" Commissioner, appointed 2007
John S. Banta James T. Townsend
John S. Banta
James T. Townsend
Rochester, Commissioner, appointed 1999 (info)
Reile Morgiewicz James Fayle
Reile Morgiewicz
Dept. of State Designee, Commissioner, appointed 2009
James Fayle
Dept. of Economic Development Designee, Commissioner,
appointed 2009
 William Thomas  Frederick Monroe
William Thomas
North Creek,
"in park" Commissioner
Frederick Monroe
Chestertown, Executive Director, Adirondack Park Agency Local Government Review Board

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