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Map of the Adirondack Park in the Northeastern U.S.

The bounds of the Adirondack Park, shown on this map, encompass six million acres, of which almost one-half are State-owned Forest Preserve, protected as "Forever Wild" under Article XIV of the New York State Constitution. At the time this map was produced in 1990, about 40 percent of the area within the Blue Line was State-owned (shown darkened in), but during the ensuing ten years, especially during the Pataki Administration, the State has acquired about 200,000 additional acres. Under Governor George Pataki, the State has acquired enormous tracts in the central and northwestern areas inside the Blue Line, in addition to buying key lake-front and riverine parcels.

The map displays the fact that the area encompassed by the Blue Line is larger than several of the individual states in the Northeast. The State-owned land in the Adirondack Park exceeds the size of Yellowstone, the largest national park in the lower Forty-eight. In fact, New York State owns a total of four million acres of land throughout the state.

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