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Logging truck

A logging truck leaving a private woodlot managed for sustainable harvest. When the State of New York acquires timber producing land in the Adirondacks, it converts the land to "forever wild." The State's massive land acquisitions are strangling the forest-based industry.

Logging truck

A truck load of pine logs leaves for a local mill in the Adirondacks. As a result of the State's aggressive land acquisition policies, spurred on by the environmental movement, the Adirondack land available for timber harvest has been reduced over 300,000 acres during the past five years. At this rate of gobbling up productive land, local people will watch the last logging truck roll down a woods road like this to the last mill in the Adirondacks in only 40 to 50 years.

Swampy pond

Beaver created this pond over the past ten years, flooding and killing the trees that had grown up into a forest where a farm pasture rolled gently between stone walls sixty to eighty years ago.

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