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Court Ignores Old Boundary Wall

All Photos: Kevin McKeown

Looking across the front lawn toward the Bill Cullen's frame house on Shore Road, Pelham Manor, New York. On the left, the view toward Long Island Sound is open.

Sanctioned by the court, which failed to recognize the long-established law of adverse possession, the adjacent stone mansion's owner was allowed to take possession of a strip of land that was long occupied by Bill Cullen and his predecessors. Originally the court ruled that it was illegal for the Cullens to occupy part of the interior of their house, but recently Federal Judge Cathy Seibel responded to Bill Cullen's plea and let them possess all of the interior.

The DeLuca's wooden contraption covering over the old stone wall reaches so close to the Cullens' house that the side door can barely open. Maintenance of the wall and part of the roof of the Cullen's house may not be feasible even if the court further modifies its ruling and the Cullens are allowed to enter on what was their property outside their house.

The side door from the Cullens' house opens enough to step out. However, even after modifying its ruling to allow the Cullens to live in their entire house, the court left the rest of its ruling intact, keeping it illegal for the Cullens to step on the ground that belonged to them.


No Exit. When the Cullens look out from the side door to their house, an imposing barrier of the DeLuca mansion's stone building and construction work eliminates their view.

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