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Photos for DEC' Real Priority

Joe Racette, New York State Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator, chairs the "Public Comment Meeting" or hearing on June 29, 2015 at the Department of Environmental Conservation office, Ray Brook, and speaks on "The New York State Wildlife Action Plan."
Photos: Peter J. LaGrasse


Required Elements of the State
Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP)

  • Identify Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN)
  • Location and Condition of Habitats
  • Threats
  • Conservation Actions
  • Review and Update the Plan
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation Plan
  • Outreach

DEC List — June 2015

 SWAP Goals

  • Protect adequate and viable habitats for SGCN.
  • Manage habitats to benefit SGCN.
  • Protect SGCN populations to reverse declines in abundance or loss of range.
  • Manage SGCN to restore self-sustaining populations.
  • Develop and maintain current information on SGCN abundance, distribution, and condition.
  • Improve our knowledge regarding SGCN populations and habitats.
  • Effectively communicate with all audiences regarding conservation of SGCN.
  • Continue to integrate conservation of SGCN into the many forms of natural resource planning in NY.

DEC List — June 2015

Tom Post of DEC Fish and Wildlife bureau explains answers to landowners' questions about Blanding's Turtle and DEC's wetland remapping.
September 3, 2014

Crowd of serious homeowners in Wilton, Saratoga County, New York, at what they thought was DEC's September 3, 2014 hearing on wetlands remapping, but it was actually an information meeting on remapping wetlands for Blanding's Turtle. There was no hearing. At the meeting, DEC's Tom Post offered a couple of the landowners one-on-one meetings if they contacted him.

 167 High Priority Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The status of these species is known and conservation action is needed in the next ten years. These species are experiencing a population decline, or have identified threats that may put them in jeopardy, and are in need of timely management intervention or they are likely to reach critical population levels in New York.

DEC PowerPoint — June 2015

Blanding's Turtle Distribution by Quadrangle
on DEC's map of New York State Amphibian and Reptile Areas.
(Diagram projected at Wilton hearing)

DEC's Blandings Turtle Wetlands Map
DEC photographic overlay of wetlands remapping at Preserve Way Subdivision, Wilton, N.Y.
Note how close the green wetland boundary lines come to established buildings and onto lawns.
The "buffer" area extends 100 ft. farther than the wetlands boundary.


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