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The Battle Over Eminent Domain Based on "Blight" Photo Gallery

Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel at the steps to the New York State Court of Appeals on June 1 when the Columbia University/Empire State Development Corporation
eminent domain appeal against local property owners was heard.
All Court of Appeals photos: Peter J. LaGrasse

Gathering outside the Court of Appeals on June 1. Left to right: West Harlem gasoline station owner Parminder Kaur at left behind her daughter Amanjit Kaur reading statement at the open-air rally; attorney David Smith for the Singh family; Nick Sprayregen, owner of Tuck-It-Away storage facility; and small business advocate Mike Elmendorf of Albany NFIB.

Joseph Ardizzone, who traveled from Willets Point, near where Carol LaGrasse (left) grew up and lived for many years in Queens County, came to support the West Harlem businesses and families who are threatened with eminent domain for private interests, just like the established businesses at Willets Point.

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