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Old-style Camping at Whitehouse on the West Branch of the Sacandaga. Mike Groff, who caught this view, wrote, "The photo was taken in November of 2003. The big green army tent is 16' x 16' and was purchased in the early 90's. Before that we had smaller commercial tents. We started hunting at Whitehouse back in the early 70's when the New York State Conservation Department maintained the campsites. Each site had a fire pit, picnic table and garbage drum. Outhouses were placed throughout the area. The town of Wells collected the garbage and maintained the road. We have taken a few nice bucks over the years, but my main reason for going each year is to be with my friends and enjoy the outdoors. On a clear night you cannot believe the number of stars in the sky." This well-maintained, spacious camping area and the town road leading to it are threatened by DEC's new plan.

His cane set aside, Ted Galusha (left) uses a pole as a lever to move a rock placed by DEC to block established campsites at the Hudson River Recreation Area, Warrensburg. Assisting him on July 27 was a member of the family of wheelchair-bound Mike Mantice.
Photo Robin Galusha

DEC Forest Rangers ticket Ted Galusha on July 27 after he cut a log and removed a boulder that the agency had placed across the road to campsites at the Hudson River Recreation Area at Buttermilk Falls. With the log and boulder aside, wheelchair-bound Mike Mantice could feasibly access a campsite by vehicle. Mr. Galusha was ticketed although DEC was in violation of a five-year-old court-ordered settlement requiring that the road be open to motor vehicles. Photo: Robin Galusha

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